Welcome to Central Podiatry Ltd.

Central Podiatry was founded in 2018 to provide high quality, holistic, evidence based Podiatric care in a multidisciplinary healthcare setting to the population of Hong Kong.  Central Podiatry offers Comprehensive Podiatry Care for Adults and Children of All Ages.

Partner Clinics:

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If you are interested in having Podiatry services within your establishment please email us at:  info@centralpodiatryhk.com  

Words from Our Patients

What is Podiatry? 

Podiatry is an area of healthcare that specialise in the foot, ankle and leg. Podiatrists are trained in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the foot & lower limbs.  A Podiatrist’s primary aim is to improve the mobility, independence and quality of life for their patients. 

At Central Podiatry we work closely with our colleagues in other medical specialties in order to provide the best treatment outcomes for our patients.  We believe in a mutli-disciplinary holistic approach to healthcare.